Exclusive Dual-Level Technology reveals the quick, easy-to-use Webinar method for coaches, consultants, authors, trainers, speakers, marketers and sales professionals who are short of time…


"Give Me 90 Minutes – and I’ll Have You Hosting Your First Webinar – and Creating Outrageously Profitable Products Any Time You Want More Cash!"


You won't believe how easy it is to...

  • Use your voice and visuals to build a lasting connection with your clients & prospects

  • Set up a production line of money-making products

  • Build your credibility and value through online presentations!

From: Jeanette Cates

Re: Your New Revenue Stream

Dear Busy Entrepreneur:

Did you realize you can create a multimillion dollar business by just being able to present information in a clear, easy-to-follow method while talking on the phone and clicking through your slides?

It's true and I'm going to prove it to you right now.

What I'm talking about is the fact that *you* can get hundreds of people on the line who will pay to listen to you or someone else present on a topic that is of interest to them. It happens hundreds of times around the world every week. And you're about to learn how you can cash in on an exploding market no matter which niche market you focus on.

Here's How You Can Cash In With Your Own Webinars
No Matter What Product Or Service You Sell

Webinars are one of the fastest ways to make contact with and build a relationship with your existing clients and prospects. A webinar is "show and tell" online. You and the audience call into a phone number. At the same time, all of you connect to a webinar service that lets the audience see what is on your screen. They are literally viewing your presentation and listening to you – just as if you were in the same room!

No matter what business you are in, you can profit from successful Webinars. Here are just a few of the different ways you can benefit from Webinars:

  • Build rapport with clients and prospects so you can deliver the products and services they want....

  • Risk-free method to test product ideas– before you invest the time and money to create the product!...

  • Incredible way to generate new customers and increase the value of existing customers...

  • Fastest way to get information and judge interest from your target market. You can quickly exchange ideas with people - across the country or around the world...

  • More effective way to do training than simply providing static training materials - and you can answer questions as they come up...

  • Perfect way to get people together very quickly to network, discuss an issue, or even conduct market research. You'll be able to respond to give them exactly what they want immediately...

  • Easy way to create a product - in just a few hours' time. You can literally give the webinar today and start selling the finished product tomorrow!

  • Personal and interactive. Webinars give you the opportunity to speak to your prospects and customers in a live setting, rather than just through email...

  • Comfortable way to get people together, instead of requiring everyone to dress up and come to a formal meeting...

Here's exactly what you need to know to start cashing in with your own outrageously profitable webinars this week...

Webinars are not hard to do – once you learn how to do them. However like anything you're starting from scratch, there's a learning curve. But the great news is I'm going to slash that learning curve for you by months and possibly years. Here are exactly the types of questions people have about webinars – maybe you have one of these questions, too.

  • What technology do I need to do a webinar?

  • How do I find a company to host the technology?

  • Can I use my existing telephone line or do I talk through an online service? 

  • How much will it cost? 

  • Who gives me the information on how attendees connect? 

  • How do I record the webinar, then provide it to my attendees and other clients? 

  • How do I pace the webinar so it fits into the time frame I've allotted? 

  • Should I give all the content myself - or should I interview someone else?

  • Do I need any special software? 

Yes! These are questions I've had! Tell me more...

  • How much should I charge? 

  • How do I take registrations? 

  • How does a Webinar differ from a Teleseminar? 

  • Should I provide slides or handouts for the attendees? 

  • How do I turn my webinar into a product? 

  • Should I provide a transcript of the webinar? 

  • How do I get people to register for the webinar? 

  • How can I improve my presentation skills? 

  • Can I show only slides to the attendees – or can I demonstrate software, websites and other applications?

  • Do I need a website in order to host a webinar?

  • Where is the video stored for the recording and replay?

There's just a lot to ask. And when you start asking questions, you know there's going to be time involved in getting the answers.

Now have no fear because I'm about to reveal to you a breakthrough course that's easy to follow, and has simple but effective instructions on exactly what you need to do first, second, third.

But before we get to that there's probably one more question on your mind. 

"Who Is Jeanette Cates And Why Should I Listen To Her 
Teach Me Exactly How I Can Profit With My Own Webinars So Quickly?"

I'm an Internet Strategist who works with Experts like you to create your Online Success. Why am I qualified to teach you about successful webinars in particular?

  • Masters' in Adult Education with 30 years teaching experience.

  • PhD in instructional design and years of work in creating good instructional materials.

  • Created multiple products based on webinars including Online Success Basics, First Blog Site, First Optin Page, First Store Site, First Resale Site, Sell Your Brain, and others, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

  • Best-selling author of Teleseminar Basics, a course dedicated to teaching the in's and out's of hosting your own Teleseminars quickly and easily.

  • Recognized Internet Marketing expert. Creator of the Online Success System and author of Online Success Tactics plus 5 other books. Product Producer extraordinaire with more than 50 information products to her credit, including more than a dozen in the past year.

  • Master Presenter at events such as Womens Power Summit, Jim Edwards' Information Marketing Bootcamp, the Internet Marketing Superconference, Stu McLaren's Idea Incubator, Robert G.Allen's Enlightened Millionaire Conference, Lynn Pierce's Womens Business Empowerment Summit, Donna Fox's Wonder Women of the Web and Armand Morin's AM2.0 conference.. Her easy-to-understand explanations of complex technical processes has earned her the title of The Technology Tamer.

  • Hosted and attended hundreds of webinars in the role of listener, student, interviewer, mentor, and any other way that you can do a webinar.

In short, I'm an expert on webinars. I've already asked - and answered – all the questions you have about profiting from your own webinars. I've made the mistakes you want to avoid. I've investigated the different options and noted what works and doesn't work in various scenarios. I've found affordable ways to boost attendance. And I've found ways to do all of it inexpensively.

But Don't Just Take My Word For It!

Take a look at what my students have to say about my webinar teaching skills and expertise:

"I like that you broke this down into easy, doable steps, instead of the generic tips that most "experts" throw around. When you don't know you get it worked up in your mind that it is going to be a long, drawn-out process. This is very manageable."

Davette Brown


"Jeanette, you really out did yourself this time! I always expect extra value from your seminars and I was expecting to get one or two things from this one because it was actually for beginners and I've been online for a while. I must have learned at least half a dozen things that I did not know before and another half dozen things that have changed since the last time I took a course with you."

Joanne Musa


"This is the second one of your webinars I've attended and let me just say that your attention to detail and teaching skills are superb. I've seen many Internet business in a box models, but none come close to your support."

Josef Mack


"You have a gift for making this stuff do-able Jeanette! I really appreciate the fact that you are providing the PPT slides and all resources mentioned after the webinar."

Paula Dirkes


I Want Someone To Make This Do-Able For Me!

"No one has a 5 1/2 hour program to get you a complete money making site for $30 except Jeanette Cates. Her system is outstanding. I've seen other people charge $5000 and not be as clear, concise, and complete as Jeanette is in her program."

Clydette Clayton


"The entire technical set up process was an "ah-ha". I had no idea what went on behind the scenes to get ready for a webinar. I don't know how anyone does this well without having all of your detailed information especially if they are new to working online."

Rosalyn Adams


"Way more than I expected! Jeanette knows all the Technical stuff that is needed - but no other Web Gurus ever talk about! I'm talking about the nuts & bolts of actually doing it, not just more maketing theory to apply someday in the future."

Ken Biggs


"My take away is that the simplest way to get started is to produce a short10 minute practice webinar based on responses to an Ask campaign. I especially liked the way you explained everything step-by-step. Thank you. You did a fantastic job in taking the mystery of how to do this type of presentation."

Marge Ferguson


"I have followed you for a long time and continue to admire and say to myself "Why haven't I followed her advice sooner?" Too much noodle time but I'm into low-carb now so no more noodles. Thanks!"

Carol Ann Wiley

I Finally Decided To Reveal Everything I Know About
How To Do Your First Webinar!

As I taught my courses delivered via webinars many of my students asked how they could use webinars in their businesses. So I began to assemble the materials they needed – the resource lists, the how-to's, the basics and the "insider secrets."

Then my consulting clients needed more in-depth information on specific marketing tactics to drive webinar attendance and checklists to ensure they had everything ready to go.

They all knew that if anybody could teach them the fundamentals of successful, money-making webinars in the shortest period of time, it was me.

Introducing A Simple Webinar System and 
Product-Generating Machine Anyone Can Follow!

This system for creating, marketing and delivering webinars, then turning them into profitable products doesn't require you to use any HTML or technical jargon.

It's a simple 5-step process you follow:

Step #1: Decide on your audience and topic.

Step #2: Arrange the logistics for the event.

Step #3: Do 2 or 3 simple marketing tasks to drive attendance.

Step #4: Host the webinar.

Step #5: Offer the resulting product(s) for sale.

Bottom line: It's a very simple and duplicatable method. Once you've gone through it a couple of times, you'll simply "rinse and repeat." And best of all, as your skills develop you can expand your portfolio of techniques and products to make even more money with webinars!

Announcing First Webinar

Everything you need to know to hold your first webinar this week!                          
- from Jeanette S Cates, PhD

Click here to => Order Now!

I'll share my quick and easy techniques for putting together your first webinar and as a result your first video product.

I'll show you how to use the 5 easy steps to get all of the things in place to create a maximum impact webinar at minimal cost.

If you don't want to handle the logistics and technical work, I'll give you the checklists and videos you need to hand to a staff member or outside vendor to do for you. All you do is show up and present!

There's never been an easier way to get started on the road to webinar success!

"Here Are Just Some Of The 
Insider Secrets You'll Find In This Course!"

  • How to set up your webinars once and replicate the format repeatedly. This can save you 30 minutes on every webinar!

  • Why it's critical to use polls to keep your audience interested. There's never been an easier, more effective method to get the pulse of your audience!

  • An easy method to record your webinars to maximize their value for your listeners as well as ensure a profitable product later. This tip can double your profits.

  • How to host a webinar – even if you don't have a website!

  • How you can provide the replay in record time – and provide superior customer service at the same time.

  • Simple techniques to put your business on autopilot so you can take a vacation – and still earn money!

  • How surveys can get you the best, most insightful testimonials you've ever had for a product. You won't believe how easy this is!

  • The best days and times to offer webinars for your target audience to increase attendance and earn maximum dollars on the call. You can easily double your attendance with this.

"But That's Not All You'll Discover In This Breakthrough Course! We Also Pull Back The Curtain To Reveal"...

  • Where to get your webinar audio transcribed and turned into a transcript you can sell at rock-bottom prices, with virtually no editing. Maximize your time and your profits with this one!

  • The value of an audio only download – and the other formats that buyers love!

  • How to enhance your transcript for a standalone product that provides superior value. 

  • The equipment you need – from your "getting started" budget to your "I'm making money at this!" budget. Detailed lists and sources save you time and the frustration of trying to find it on your own. Recommendations mean you have sources you can trust.

You must have read my mind! This is what I've been looking for.

  • The equipment you need to ensure your comfort on the call. There's no point in offering webinars if you hurt your back and neck in the process. When you're comfortable you deliver better content – and make more sales.

  • The list of email messages you need to ensure the best attendance for the event. You won't have to spend time making these up. They're all finished and ready for you to use, letting you concentrate on the content instead of the logistics.

  • A seldom-used technique that can boost your attendance for less than 10 cents per person – with less than 10 minutes work! You'll have more attendees on the call – and more buyers for your products.

  • When it makes sense to use a webinar to present your content – and how you can easily find a system that even lets you record the screen without additional software! You'll be able to show and tell and get them even more involved in the content.

"Here's the Bottom Line on How You Can Begin Immediately To Profit from This Incredible Resource..."

First Webinar will guide you step-by-step to:

  • Plan your webinar for maximum impact to your chosen market.

  • Handle all the logistics and details – effortlessly in minimum time without hassles.

  • Confidently host webinars – even when interviewing the biggest names in your business!

  • Produce quality products that are ready to sell overnight.

  • Determine the best presentation format and marketing plan to follow for your specific circumstances.

  • Have you giving your first webinar in a week!

WARNING: Do Not Buy Any Course On How To Do Your Own Webinars Unless It Contains The Following...

One: It's written by someone with experience in doing webinars, as well as teaching others to do the same. Technology changes, techniques evolve. Unless you're actively involved in delivering, hosting and attending webinars, you lose "the edge" on the latest trends. What was the norm two years ago is out of style now. Only someone who is doing webinars can give you the latest information.

Two: Includes the ready-to-use tools you need. Sure, you could create your own checklists, write original emails, do you own webinar hosting service research. But why should you have to? The idea is for you to get started quickly – not have to invent the system!

Three: Provides a turnkey system you can hand to your staff. Yes, you're the one who is going to host the webinar –and probably deliver the content personally. And perhaps you'll even start by doing all of the tasks yourself. But you want to have the option to have someone else do all the setup and technical work. So be sure the video tutorials and step-by-step instructions are included.

You're right. I recognize the value of First Webinar
and am ready to get started.

Four: Provides the links to the reliable resources you need. Finding good vendors you can depend on is time-consuming. First you have to find them, then you have to give them tasks and judge their execution of the task – and if something goes wrong you have to be ready to correct it. Then, if they don't work out – you have to start all over! But if you want to get your webinar underway and get that product-producing machine in motion you don't have time to find a webmaster, a recording company, a transcriber – and all of the other help you may want to use to automate your business. The list of reliable, tested vendors should be provided to you as part of any comprehensive package.

Five: Provides a compilation of "best practices" from multiple webinar hosts. No one can provide a simple solution that fits every webinar for every market. Instead, invest in a course from someone who has studied webinars from the best authorities in the field; who has gathered unique techniques from a variety of sources; and who continues to be a "student" of the topic.

Six: Uses a variety of presentation models to deliver the content to you. Since webinars provide a rich learning environment, learning to do them should not be restricted to an ebook or audio. You need screenshots, photos of equipment and connections, and screen capture videos to show you exactly how it all works.

Everything You Need To Get Started Creating & Marketing Your Own Outrageously Profitable Webinars And Webinar Recordings In As Little As 90 Minutes

First Webinar spells it out in step-by-step, click-by-click detail right now.

***I want to save you the pain and time in getting answers on the how-to's of webinars. That's why I've created the complete First Webinar course.

Here's what you'll get with the First Webinar course:

The complete recording of a live, intensive webinar where I instruct people just like you, on the basics of creating, marketing, delivering and recording their very first webinar.

The special Dual-Level Recording technology lets you see what the audience sess - and what you, as the presenter, see. You'll be able to experience the presenter's role - it's like getting the experience before you have to practice!

Audience View
Presenter View


The comprehensive resource site, with links to the printed materials, as well as audios, videos, templates, websites, recommended vendors and checklists.

Plus, you'll have everything you need to get started offering your own webinar.

Checklists include

Webinar Site Preparation Checklist – This ensures you have the list of all of the things you need for a website that will register your participants, follow up with prospects, complete the sale – and do it all on autopilot. Plus, you'll get the list of things to change – from the live webinar to the recorded site.

Bonus: All Checklists are provided in PDF format for immediate use AND in MS Word doc format so you can customize them for your business.
Webinar Content Preparation Checklist – Want to be sure you stay on task and don't leave out an important step? Use this one-page checklist to be sure you've done it all.
Marketing Checklist - The better your marketing, the more likely you are to get a bigger audience. These reminders help you tie up loose ends and make sure all of your bases are covered.
Pre-Call Checklist – Don't let the last-minute jitters make you forget an important step. This comprehensive checklist has saved me from several potential disasters and it will do the same for you!
Post-Call Checklist – Right after the call there are reports and testimonials to review, the replay to post, the site to convert – just a myriad of details that can be easily forgotten without this critical checklist. This lets you get to the profitable autopilot revenue stream even faster!

Tools you need such as


  • Webinar Planning Timeline – this lets you schedule items up to four weeks before and two weeks after the webinar. You'll know exactly what needs to be done when – and so will your staff!

  • A welcome email to send new registrants in text fomat so you can copy & paste into your email program

  • The evaluation survey I send participants after the webinar

  • Recommended webinar vendors


The amount of content in this Webinar was extraordinary. The practical tips were excellent, especially how you combine and layer different tools and technologies. I'm familiar with several of these technologies individually, but combining them is another story -- and will definitely take practice!

Adele Sommers


That's more than enough to convince me. Sign me up!

But I Didn't Stop There – I Went Beyond The Traditional Webinar Recording And Included Special Video Training

It's like sitting right next to me, as I show you, with screen capture video training how to conquer the parts of webinars that people traditionally have the most problems with - the technical issues. You'll watch as I show you how to:

  • Upload your recording for online replays – the simple two-step process that is a mystery to most online users.

  • Edit your webinar for audio playback – there are just a couple changes to make – but if you miss them, it won't work!

  • Record in dual formats so you have a superior product to sell after the webinar – while still providing a quality experience for your live audience.

We haven't overlooked any of the details that might have stopped you before.

I'm sure you recognize the value of having all of the information you need at your fingertips. It will save you hours of research - and lots of mistakes.

"I've had the webinar service for a few months now but gave up after trying one time and not being able to figure it out. Now I feel confident that I will be able to do one this weekend. I paid approximately $1500 for a course in webinars that was excellent but I learned nearly as much in one session from Dr. Cates. She is the most phenomenal teacher I've ever known. Thank you!"

Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher

Act Immediately and Receive the Following Bonuses

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

Bonus #1: Premiere Access

The webinar landscape is constantly changing, so it's important to keep up with the latest information. That's why I send out updates to the course information as it happens. By enrolling now you'll have Premiere access to all of the updates to the product.

Bonus #2: TechTamers' Rolodex

I'm serious about sharing ALL I know to get you started on your webinars. So I've put together the list of vendors I use for everything having to do with webinars. This will save you time, frustration and all of the "work" associated with webinars. 

Bonus #3: Exclusive Invitation to Advanced Training

I'm going to be offering advanced training on each aspect of delivering product-producing, quality webinars. Every aspect of the process from better presentation skills to quality recording and editing will be covered. Only those who have completed First Webinar will receive an invitation to this closed door event

Don't Wait To Start Profiting From Webinars!

I've removed all of the barriers to your immediate success! There is absolutely no reason not to get started now. In fact, let me offer you this guarantee:

We pride ourselves at TechTamers for our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - and this is no exception!

So let me make this simple. I can't imagine why anyone would not find value in this package. But if for some strange reason you don't feel like the product lives up to the value you expect - then please return it for a full refund within 60 days.

Jeanette S Cates, PhD
Founder & CEO, TechTamers

<== Click to listen

Now if you paid me for my time to teach you this information, it would cost you well over $2000. And that's assuming I had time to coach you through this - which I do not.

Instead, you can get all of this information, based on my research and experience, for less than one-tenth of that amount! In fact, I'm offering you a neatly delivered package, chock-full of information for only $197.00.

Yes! I'm ready to get started with my own Webinar this week.

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All materials will be instantly available to you in our
protected Resource Site.

Within minutes you'll have full access to the resource site with the recordings, instructional videos, resource lists, and checklists. You'll get all of the information you need to start offering your own webinars next week! Take action now to start the flow of this new revenue stream.

I'll "see" you on your first webinar!

Jeanette S Cates, PhD
Webinar Expert

P.S. If you think you already know everything that there is to know about webinars, this is not for you. If you need a basic training boot camp (that will teach you the nuts and bolts fast on how you can do your first webinar), this is exactly the course that you need. And when you're ready to take it to the next level, I'll be there to guide you to the next step.

P.P.S. This program is not the cheapest thing you can buy – nor will it ever be. But unlike other flimsy little ebooks that are just rehashed information that somebody hired a ghost writer to create for them, this is real frontline information, straight from the horse's mouth. It's based on my experience and work on hundreds of webinars on dozens of different topics, creating products on a variety of topics. If you're ready for the real deal, but not interested in spending $2,000 to get this information just to get started, then this is exactly what you need. Click here now to get started.